A new way to tell your school story: Our Kids Insider Perspective video series

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We’re delighted to share with you the launch of a powerful new school-choice resource: The Our Kids Insider Perspectives Video Series. In this series of 150+ videos, we interviewed school reps, parents, alumni, and current students to generate maximum insight, expanding on the information parents get from in-person visits and word-of-mouth conversations. Each video interview offers an honest, first-person perspective on a school’s culture, strengths, challenges, and more, and gives schools a unique opportunity to tell their most human (and evocative) stories.

The Our Kids Insider Perspective series provides the largest video repository of information about Canadian private schools furnished by school insiders. It gives prospective families a new and powerful medium to acquire special insights about schools currently unavailable anywhere else on the marketplace. We also expect this new series to illuminate the school-choice process—from discovery to enrolment—helping parents make better and more informed decisions.

The video interviews are featured on school profiles (see example) as well as our industry-leading Private School Review hub. They’ll also be showcased in our soon-to-be launched video portal, which will contain hundreds of diligently curated video interviews that address parents’ specific questions, concerns, and interests. Since this will provide parents with a new and powerful way to research and evaluate schools, we consider it a significant part of our growing platform and our continual evolution into a virtual school-placement consultant.

Schools that book their Our Kids membership by March 4 will receive a bonus Insider Perspective video interview ($1,800 value). For more information about the Our Kids membership, please email us, and we'll connect you with your account manager: [email protected].