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Brave Education

Education — Bronze Partner

Brave Education started in a Brampton martial arts studio: The Brampton Academy of Martial Arts (BAMA). With a Karate Dojo commonly used as an outlet to help kids gain confidence, many parents approached the studio asking for support on how to deal with conflict and bullying at school.

Brave was developed and run in-house as a conflict resolution program that leveraged the practical elements of the martial arts: body language and tone of voice.

Today, Brave provides in the moment communication skills to students, educators, and community members across Canada.

For Students: Conflict Resolution:
Just stand up for yourself. What does that mean? Students learn how to set boundaries in relationships by using body language and tone of voice through engaged discussion and roleplay simulations.

For Educators: Behaviour Transformation:
Management: the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. Educators learn to transform student behaviours through practical and collaborative strategies ranging from: Connection before Curriculum, Open Communication, Understanding Bullying, and Fight, Flight, Freeze identification skills.