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August 2023

The Truth about Authenticity

We all want to be authentic—we all want to be real, to be genuine, to be legitimate. But, when it comes to marketing brands, even with the best intentions, we often fall short. This is because we’re selling something but trying to look like we’re not really. Being authentic comes from telling the truth, through lived experiences, feelings, and emotions. 

Your school marketing videos, for example, are selling the dream of your school–focused students, happy parents, and an atmosphere that’s warm, welcoming, and inspirational. And while all of this may be the “truth” of your school, it can feel counterfeit when presented in a neatly-packaged, well-designed video on your website.

Authenticity in marketing is achieved when your audience feels deeply engaged, connected, and heard. It can’t be measured through clicks and conversions. 

Let’s share a cuppa: school videos designed for real connection  

Imagine sitting down with a trusted friend for a cup of coffee and hearing about their experiences at your school. Many families searching for independent schools would love to do just that.To get that authentic experience, they turn to videos like those in our Insider Perspective series. 

Designed for authenticity, “the Our Kids’ Insider Perspective videos of parents and alumni detail their experiences with our school,” says Victoria Schaible of Kingsway College School. “This complements our own marketing,” giving families real and raw accounts of what families experienced at your school, just like if they had sat down with one of their trusted friends. 

Insider Perspective videos reach families when they need them most

When searching for a school, families use what is known as extended problem-solving, and they’re invested in the process and time it takes to find the right fit. Unlike most marketing videos that are designed to interrupt, our comprehensive videos paint a vivid picture, one that viewers will connect with. Insider Perspective videos reach families with strong buyer intent, who are invested in spending as much time as possible researching their choices. These videos are often sought out by parents and students during critical milestones in the decision-making process, both before applications are due and after acceptance letters are sent.

Three ways to leverage your Insider Perspective videos


Embed it on your website
Add the Our Kids video right to your website. Because it’s sourced from a third-party trusted website, it will be more powerful than your own marketing videos. Simply click on the “share” icon and copy the embed code to add it to your site.


Email it
Include your Our Kids video in your newsletter or share it with those who have attended an open house. Studies show that email clicks go up by 300% when you add video.


Share it on social media
Social media now strongly caters to video content. Sharing your Our Kids Insider Perspective videos on Facebook (and Twitter and Instagram if they are a part of your marketing strategy) helps to ensure greater engagement with your accounts.

If you have questions about how to secure an Insider Perspective video for your school or how to leverage it through your marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact our member success coordinator, Marina. They can be reached at [email protected].

In Other News

Learn how InSchoolwear helped West Point Grey Academy reflect their school’s values and culture using innovative and sustainable uniform design. Deeply getting to know the school’s wants and needs and what they stand for is their secret to success. 

Enhance your videos with hand-curated highlights. For those who want something more skimmable, we include a curated transcript of the highlights from the videos for Gold and Platinum members. This makes the best content more accessible for families who prefer to read the key points from the video rather than watch it, and it amplifies your digital footprint with searchable text. Book a video

It’s time to book a booth for the Our Kids Private School Expos. Our expos will be held in various cities across the country, and they’re a great way to meet parents, answer  their questions, and promote your school. Book a booth now.

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