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M-J (Mary-Jane) Rennie
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InSchoolwear is a committed group of highly qualified experts. Collectively, we have decades of experience in retail apparel, product knowledge and sales expertise. Our unique strengths combine to deliver strong leadership, a proven track record of success, financial security, and the know-how and focus to make our school’s uniform program a success by all measures.

Customer Service
Our reputation for reliability, service and quality has resulted in a high level of trust from our schools, parents and suppliers. We provide an exceptional online shopping experience via our fully responsive website.

Innovation and Design
In offering a complete ‘top-to-toe’ uniform solution to our clients we are always mindful of innovation and design. We are proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for a new ECO clothing line including blazers, tunics, skorts and pants. We provide a uniform staple that is not only robust and cost effective but is also a welcome ‘green’ solution as the blazers alone are created from 18 post-consumer plastic drinking bottles. The result is a competitively priced, durable, light weight jacket that contributes positively to the climate crisis.

For the last 24 years we have worked with expert manufacturers and suppliers of school uniforms in the UK and Canada to source the highest quality products. This includes easy care fabrics that incorporate lycra for comfort with a stain resistant finish for longevity and sustainability.

By continually innovating and adding contemporary design to traditional garments, it allows us to offer students good looking, comfortable and current uniforms.

Value for money
We provide high quality apparel with attention to detail and stringent quality control standards to ensure guaranteed colour continuity and offer a 100% manufacture defeat guarantee on all items.

With ten retail stores in Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Calgary and Vancouver plus a very robust online service, InSchoolwear is committed to delivering well designed clothing with exemplary customer service.


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M-J (Mary-Jane) Rennie
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