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We’ll use this space to highlight some of the things you need to know about your Our Kids membership, such as new profile updates. We’ll also use it to highlight items of more general interest, including what we and our members are involved in, projects we’re working on, developments in the marketplace, and ideas we think you’ll be interested in.

  • March 2020
    When I was interviewing for the York School feature review, David Hanna, director of university counselling, described his role as this: to help students “find the best soil to plant their aspirations into.” Love that....
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  • February 2020
    “What’s it like?” says astronaut Buzz Aldrin, is the “most obvious, inevitable question” he’s been asked in the 50 years since Apollo 11. He also grumbles that it’s the hardest to answer. “What did it feel like? What were your thoughts and feelings as you walked on the moon?”...
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  • January 2020
    What does “more” mean to you? — A few years ago Microsoft partnered with the McKinsey Global institute to ask some big questions: What do today’s students need from their teachers? What do they need from their schools? How can we best address those needs?...
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  • December 2019
    Since we began the user reviews, the responses have been a lot of things: funny, surprising, informative. They’ve also been personal in all kinds of telling ways. Reading through these can feel like being with friends gathered in a coffee shop talking honestly about their experiences...
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  • November 2019
    There’s a different look to our report this month, which marks a slight shift in focus. We’ll still use this space to highlight some of the things you need to know, such as the note below about new Our Kids updates...
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