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The world is changing quickly, whether it’s disruption from AI or other rapidly growing technologies, preparing students to thrive in an unknown future is a complex challenge. Meeting the needs of all of today's diverse learners and helping them build life skills has never been more important. How can we best prepare students with the social-emotional and future-ready skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing world?

Addressing that question is core to our mission, to empower every student on the planet to achieve more.

Student success is at the core of everything you do in education. Technology alone will not lead to better learning outcomes, but how teachers and students choose to use technology can have significant impact.

We’re ready to partner with you to ensure your schools stay leading-edge, and educators are supported to empower your students with the life-ready skills to lead successful lives.

We know that tight budgets can sometimes force schools to choose devices with a stripped-down experience and a limited lifespan. Over time, these devices cost schools more and do less to prepare students for the future.

With a broad collection of affordable and future-proof devices and solutions designed for education, we are giving schools industry-leading security, management and creativity tools.

This combination of affordability and functionality - on a platform students will never outgrow –  is how it’s possible to unlock limitless learning with Microsoft Education.

Learn more today with the resources listed below.


  1. Making the transition to remote learning

    As concern grows around COVID-19, many education leaders are making the difficult decision to close schools. To help make the transition to distance learning, we’ve created resources, training and how to guides that we hope will help support  IT, educators, staff and students as they make this transition.
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  2. Get Office 365 free for your entire school

    Improve classroom and school collaboration with free productivity tools. Completely free online version of Office with email, video conferencing, customized hub for class teamwork with Microsoft Teams, compliance tools, and information protection. You will need to verify that you are an accredited academic institution to take advantage of these offers.
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  3. Prepare classrooms for tomorrow with Microsoft Surface

    Every minute at school is an opportunity to learn, explore and unlock potential. The best way to improve student outcomes is with a device that makes the most of these opportunities. Learn more about how Microsoft Surface is the device that’s both Future Proof, and Future Ready.

    To learn about exclusive discounts through our partnership with OurKids, contact us.
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  4. Find the right devices for your school, starting at $270

    Learn more about affordable solutions for your classroom. Check out devices with features that range from ruggedized and spill-proof for student use to all-day battery life, all with the power, performance, and security that educators and students can count on
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  5. Educator and School Leader Transformed Events

    In partnership with WE & Fair Chance Learning, our shared goal is to shed light on important education transformation topics and explore the ways that technology can further enable educators to empower every student to achieve more.

    Connect with peers, participate in workshops to empower the class of tomorrow and earn your #FutureReady badge. Attend a TransformEd Summit in a city near you. Space is limited, so register today!
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  6. Microsoft Educator Centre – Free Professional Development Online

    Learn and explore how technology compliments classroom experiences with training and resources available to your educators for free.

    Learning paths include 21st Century Learning Design, creating a digitally inclusive learning community, STEM in 2020, and more!
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  7. Future Ready Action Pack - Free Teacher Resources

    Inspiration to get you inspired. Our free Teacher Pack has tips and tricks, lesson plans and resources for your educators to take advantage of. Whether it be saving teachers time, driving better learning outcomes or reaching every learner, there’s something for everyone.

    We update it often so don’t forget to bookmark it!
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