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James Shi

James Shi
Lecturer, Our Kids Media

June, 2023

In the last Insider, we introduced the core influencing power of the new Our Kids School Report and how it helps families build trust in your school through a web of authentic, third-party perspectives—distinguishing the Report from your website and any other types of lead-generation platforms. 

Now, we’ll discuss how Our Kids tools broadens the reach of the Report’s influencing power to your entire target audience. 

Chapter Two: How the School Report Captures the Right Attention

Typically, families searching for schools fall into two categories:

  1. Families with known school preferences: 53% of the families on Our Kids already have a school in mind. They've shortlisted preferred schools and engage in extended problem solving to research and validate their choices. If they’re interested in your school, they’re already researching your School Report (learn how the School Report helps influence the final decision).
  2. Families with attribute preferences: These families have preferred school attributes but require assistance in finding the best-fit school. The Our Kids system is designed to guide the well-matched families to your School Report. 

How families with attribute preferences find you

Most school-decision journeys begin with a question into the search box. Relevant results appear as potential answers. The user then clicks to a landing page where the full answer awaits. 

Our Kids hosts thousands of landing pages that appear as one of the top three results on Google for school-related searches. Over 90% of the overall traffic to OurKids.net comes from searches like these. 

Once a user lands on Our Kids, they’ll find:

  • An article that directly answers their question. For example, a search for "what's a Montessori school" leads to a page explaining Montessori schools.
  • A list of schools that matches the answer on page. Following the previous example, a list of Montessori schools will be presented for immediate shortlisting or further exploration via School Reports.

The content of your School Report plays a pivotal role in determining your visibility on these landing pages, guiding attribute-focused families to your school.

Families on your School Report are already well-matched with you

By now, it’s clear that families engaging with your School Report are already well-matched with your school. They’re:

  1. Families that already prefer your school
  2. Families that are searching for one or more attributes your school already boasts

On your School Report, they’ll find a web of authentic, third-party stories and perspectives that both inform and validate their decision to choose you. Families use the Reports to help deepen their affinity with you during all stages of their decision journey, augmenting the interactions they have with you directly.

By combining the influencing power of the new School Report with the proven system that guides the right families to you, you can finally focus on the right target audience and maximize your chances of enrolments. 

You too can harness the power of the school report and the Our Kids system. Learn more about our membership.

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