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James Shi

James Shi
Lecturer, Our Kids Media

May, 2023

The New Our Kids School Report

How It Helps Families Build Trust in Your School

The Our Kids school report (formerly known as the “school profile”) is essential to school research for millions of families over the past 25 years.

Initially, families used it mostly just to find schools. Now they use it as a vital reference point, which they consult throughout their entire school decision-journey (awareness, consideration, decision), including after they’ve

    …visited your website,
    …attended your events,
    …spoken with your admission staff, 

and right before their final decision.

What makes the school report such a vital reference resource to families? How does it help them build confidence in your school after they’ve already heard about you? And, why do families turn to it time and again before they decide on your school?

You’ll find the answers in this three-part series on the benefits of our School Report.

Chapter One: How the School Report Builds Engagement and Trust

Families don’t need another outlet that screams your information at them. What they need, and what the Our Kids school report offers, is a way to build the kind of trust and confidence needed to choose your school.

The point of view—the “who says”—is clearly emphasized the moment a parent visits your school report. The overview page is not a reskin of your school's website. It's packed with valuable insights from multiple perspectives—ours, yours, and your parents, students, and alumni. This is critical as savvy school researchers already read your school’s website and marketing brochures. What they need is to build confidence in and trust with you.

See live example from Braemar House School

The school report does this through several key sections, including these two: 

1. Brand Identity

By answering six carefully selected questions about your school, you showcase what’s distinctive about you and why families should care. 

The questions are designed to uncover not just features and benefits of your school, but how your school is unique and how it changes the life of students. While the questions are the same for every school, the stories, their focus, and, ultimately, their impact on the minds of parents are very different. 

Families crave these authentic answers. 

2. Insiders’ Perspectives

Families relentlessly seek information about your school from others. The Insider’s Perspective videos are your brand’s word-of-mouth, amplified. Families can relive your school experience through stories we’ve collected from your students, parents, and alumni.

While the content is sufficiently persuasive, what’s even more critical is where it’s being presented. When families watch these videos, surroundied by a treasure trove of other authentic insights, they not only remember the facts, but also how it made them feel. This is an important, but often overlooked aspect of marketing that focuses on building confidence and trust with your brand. 

See live example from Braemar House School

Our Kids school reports offer families exactly what they crave—insight about your school outside of your branded channels such as your website. The collection of authentic stories and insights is further enhanced by the fact that they’re featured on a source they can trust. 

The school report gives you an unparalleled opportunity to make a strong first, second, and third impression. It empowers families to build trust and confidence in your brand throughout the school-choice journey.

In future Insider Reports, we’ll look at other features of the school report.

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