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Geox is an Italian brand that improves well-being, through quality materials & breathable technology. — Platinum Partner


Geox is a contemporary Italian brand whose vision combines image, innovative technology & eco sustainable materials to create a quality product that contributes to our personal well-being.

The ‘shoe that breathes’ is a perception, an idea, a promise that has been a cornerstone of Geox’s corporate mission since the very beginning: the creation of well-being and absolute comfort. Breathing means continuous innovation, research and experimentation: this is a philosophy that combines creativity and performance, style and technology and respect for the environment and for people.

The word Geox is made up of Geo –the Greek word for “earth” –and the letter X, the symbol of our most advanced technologies, developed in Italian laboratories and protected by worldwide patents. This name captures our effort and energy, our drive and know-how, our care and attention to detail, placing research at the service of quality and everyday elegance.

The Geox Respira patent, featuring a rubber sole combined with a special membrane that allows the passage of water vapour but not water, has been extended to shoes with leather soles, which are also able to repel and disperse water and humidity. Taking this one step further, Geox offered the peak of breathability and heat-regulation technology with the Amphibiox Collection, a range of wind and rain proof products offering outstanding levels of insulation and protection.

Geox is a wholly Italian idea but with a strong international vocation. Over 70% of its turnover is achieved abroad in more than 110 countries worldwide, offering footwear for Men, Women, Children & Babies and apparel for Men & Women.

In order to optimize the commercial penetration in the individual markets, Geox distributes its product through around 10,000 multi-brand selling points but also through a network of 867 mono-brand shops.



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