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Geox’s Sprintye sneakers for boys, girls, and babies

Allowing growing feet to move in complete comfort and support


The Geox DNA is rooted in quality products: Its corporate mission from the very beginning has been to create products that support well-being and absolute comfort. This is all too apparent in their Sprintye sneakers for young boys, girls, and babies. These shoes are available at all Geox retail locations in Canada and can be purchased at

Benefits of Sprintye sneakers

Geox’s Sprintye sneakers are known as ‘shoes that breathe.’ This moniker is made possible by Geox’s patented thermo technology—Respira—which is used in the shoe’s sole. “This helps warmth, heat, and sweat release from the bottom of the sole,” says Marketing Manager of Geox Canada Sonya Scodellaro. “We also provide a waterproof membrane that prevents anything from getting into the shoe.”

The Sprintye is also ideal for both outdoor and indoor use since it has a non-marking out sole. “This means you only need to bring one pair of shoes to daycare, school, and playdates,” says Scodellaro. “Parents love this.”

Above all, the sneaker is a model of comfort: It’s incredibly lightweight and cushioning because its sole is made out of EVA—a cutting-edge pillowy material. And it has elasticized laces for easy entry as well as an adjustable velcro strap at the top of the foot.

Finally, the sneakers also have a toe cap. “That means that for busy little feet that are running and jumping,” says Scodellaro, “it provides extra support at the front of the shoe.”

Sustainability of the sneakers

Geox uses sustainable materials for the Sprintye sneakers, the most important of which is a kind of nylon called ‘ECONYLⓇ.’ Fishnet and other plastics are recovered and transformed into ECONYLⓇ, a regenerated nylon. And, admirably, this eco-friendly practise has inspired plenty of other sustainable Geox products, including apparel for adults.

Sustainability is one of Geox’s most important values. “We think sustainability is a fantastic next step in the evolution of kids’ products,” says Scodellaro. “We want these products to have all the features that make them high-quality: comfort, durability, ease of use. But we also want them to promote the sustainability of the environment.”

This speaks volumes about the overall ethos of Geox. The company has a laser-like focus on the personal well-being of its customers, but also on values that benefit society as a whole. Perhaps that’s one reason Geox has been around for almost 20 years in Canada, and that it’s developed such a strong brand presence throughout the country. “We’re fortunate because we have incredible brand trust in Canada,” says Scodellaro. “And we plan to continue to evolve in ways that our customers appreciate, and that improve the quality of their lives and those of others.”

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