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Zebra Robotics

Coding and Robotics education — Gold Partner

Zebra Robotics is a Canadian organization with 7+ years of experience teaching over 12,000 kids. A mature and curated curriculum, knowledgeable instructors, renowned competition awards (74 teams, 54 awards), and 25+ Robotics, Coding and IoT course offerings set us apart from other educational programs.

All of our curricula are made in-house by our experienced, passionate staff. Our year-round programs, apart from Camps, provides an opportunity for students to pursue their passion over years if they like. Students learn critical thinking, design, and analytical skills through our courses. They also learn soft skills like time management, leadership, perseverance and teamwork vital to success in any career.

About our Robotics course:
Robotics involves the introduction of both programming and building concepts. Although specific concepts vary by course, all incorporate electromechanical concepts, such as gears, axles, and motor control, as well as programming concepts with an emphasis on autonomous functionality. Robotics courses start from grade 2 and are offered up to grade 12.

About our Coding course:
Coding, widely known as programming, involves writing commands that allow systems to perform meaningful tasks. Younger students start with block-based coding while our middle and high school students focus on the most popular programming languages in the industry such as Python, Java, C, Data Science projects and more.
Click here for the Elementary coding video:

About Competitions:
Both our robotics and coding students participate in a variety of competitions such as CCC, FLL, WRO, VEX CroC depending on their age and course completion.



  1. Milton Christian school
    MCSMCS is partnering with Zebra Robotics Milton to bring the exciting world of coding to our Grade 1 to 8 students! Each week students will learn in fun and age-appropriate stages to write commands in the most popular coding languages.
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