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Tell your story on Canada’s #1 retirement-choice platform

Comfort Life helps prospects make the right retirement living choices and helps retirement communities like yours achieve marketing goals not possible through traditional advertising.

Target your precise market
Engage prospects deeply
Leverage a powerful third-party validator

Comfort Life offers you a uniquely cost-effective platform that captures and engages your entire target market. You’ll tell your story to thousands of prospects on Canada’s #1 retirement-choice platform, through both online and print, including a comprehensive 2,000-word profile on This means more families will discover you, consider you, study your information, and confidently choose your community.

Learn why 200+ providers use Comfort Life

Marketing your community—effectively and efficiently—is challenging. Here’s why:

Your market is uniquely narrow:

Only 1.2% of Canadians live in retirement communities.
With traditional advertising, up to 99% of your dollars are wasted on the wrong audience.

Typical ads aren't very informative:

Most ads are brief interruptions that get ignored.
Yet to influence prospects on an important decision like moving, you need to engage them—meaningfully.

Your prospects thrive on assurance:

Prospects need full confidence to make a move, completely assured they’re making a good decision.
This can’t be achieved through your own website, traditional marketing initiatives, or mere word-of-mouth.

That’s where we come in.
Comfort Life offers retirement communities uniquely efficient and effective marketing.

The three virtues of the
Comfort Life marketing platform

Comfort Life provides the most cost-efficient
retirement community-marketing platform in Canada.
There are three main reasons for this—
the three virtues of Comfort Life. On Comfort Life, you’ll:


Virtue #1

Comfort Life targets prospects interested in retirement living

Your market is narrow—roughly only 1.2% of the Canadian population. This means 99% of typical advertising doesn’t reach your target audience—prospects and their circle of influencers researching and looking for the best retirement community.

We, meanwhile, reach almost 100% of it. Virtually every prospect that visits is actively researching retirement living and care options. And, if a prospect or family member is looking for a retirement community, they almost certainly use

Download a free local report to find out how many families from your region are actively researching retirement communities like yours.

Virtue #2

Comfort Life targets prospects when they’re most receptive to your message

Typical or traditional ads are generally ineffective. They interrupt viewers, lack context, and are often ignored. We, meanwhile, reach people when they’re maximally receptive to your message—when they’re actively researching retirement living options.

When people come to Comfort Life, they’re eager to hear your story. Since your message is relevant to them, seen as content rather than an advertisement, and you’re given lots of space to engage them (2,000 words of structured content), your information aids prospects and their influencers, regardless of where they’re located, in the task of choosing the right community.

Virtue #3

Comfort Life provides you with third-party validation that instills confidence in people

Choosing and moving into a retirement community requires more than paid ads—it requires input from providers like you, close friends and family, residents, and experts. We provide everything your prospects need.

On Comfort Life, people research you on Canada’s most comprehensive retirement-choice platform—one trusted by millions of Canadians for nearly 20 years. When seniors, their adult children, grandchildren, or friends see you on Comfort Life, it makes them much more comfortable moving. Your community and brand will receive a “halo effect” of confidence you can’t get from traditional advertising.

In short, Comfort Life cuts through the marketing clutter and delivers your story to engaged people on an authoritative platform. This makes us the most effective way to market and drive sales.


Aberdeen Gardens
engages with families on Comfort Life—
why not you?

Why join Comfort Life?

As a Comfort Life member, you’ll receive three major benefits:

Build awareness

Build awareness

We increase awareness of your community, and how easily people think of your brand when cued.

Thousands of people from your market spend time researching retirement living options on This offers you a uniquely efficient way to make more families aware—and more deeply aware—of your lifestyle options.

Families seeing you on our platform builds your brand equity. Over time, more of them will consider you based on your brand alone.

Shape perceptions

Shape perceptions

We shape how families in your market perceive your identity, public image, and brand.

Building awareness is sufficient to market most products and services. But retirement living is different: a number of decision makers are involved, each spending a lot of time and energy studying their options. They research, compare options, read reviews, and get a better understanding of the fit for them.

Your challenge isn’t merely to make people aware of your community, but for them to develop a rich understanding of it. Comfort Life gives you the audience, context, and space to share your full story.

Generate interest

Generate interest

We add qualified prospects to your sales funnel.

As a retirement community marketer, you want to generate inquiries, tours, and ultimately, move-ins. And Comfort Life certainly does that for you.

For example, a prospect might click directly from to your website, contact you, and then request a tour. Or, a family might first learn about you through word-of-mouth, or your sign, and research you more in-depth through Comfort Life (and other resources), before requesting a tour.

Guaranteed results

Each member community is a partner. We're interested in relationships that are both sustainable and based on measurable results. Your performance is measured in concrete metrics, reported to you in real time, and we guarantee results. Book a discovery call to learn more about our money-back guarantee.

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Who joins Comfort Life

A deeper look into what a Comfort Life member is all about

Comfort Life is not a luxury purchase. We provide the most cost-effective retirement community marketing platform that captures 100% of your target audience in a way that’s more focused, engaging, and easier than any marketing alternative.

Our 200+ members represent a broad spectrum of retirement living providers: large, small, expensive, inexpensive, urban, rural, corporate, independent, and more.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of our members are small, have low vacancy, and are already known in their community.

All of these communities have a similar aim: to make more efficient use of their marketing budget and resources. They also understand the value of being on Canada’s #1 retirement-choice platform.

200+ communities choose Comfort Life:

Get Data on Prospects in Your Market

Thousands of people are researching retirement living options on

People that go online to research and find retirement homes and senior care will end up on Our website dominates search engine results for thousands of important keywords and phrases (meaning our site comes up as a top organic search result in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

Due to our vast reach, thousands of prospects and decision makers are using every month to discover, compare, and choose communities like yours. In fact, Comfort Life is now the most influential retirement-choice platform in your community.

Download a free local report to find out how many people from your target region(s) are actively researching retirement lifestyle options such as yours.

What members say

"If you’re not on Comfort Life, take a second look. Definitely consider it. If you do weigh the costs vs. the qualified leads as opposed to other efforts where you’re spending your time and money on as a company or as your community, you’ll be pleasantly surprised."

—Adam Cranley, former Business Development Specialist, Metta Lifestyles

We've doubled in size, every year, since we joined Comfort Life."

—Karim Kassam, Co-Founder and Principal, Optima Living (operates in both B.C. and Alberta)

  • “Very happy… We saw a spike in leads and had successful move-ins with clients using Comfort Life as a resource."
    — April Johnstone, Sales & Marketing Manager, The Redwoods Retirement Residence

  • “You buy from someone because they do an excellent job. And I think that's the case with Comfort Life. It's such a great product. Each time we look at a marketing analysis for a client (and each analysis is unique) we say, ‘Wow, they could increase their lead generation through Comfort Life’..”
    — Heather Green, Owner, Greenhouse Marketing & Communications Inc.

  • Comfort Life offers an exceptional website and retirement home search service. Their search optimization has proven effective for us. Both their website and magazine have a great reputation."
    — Sheri Brown, Director of Sales & Marketing, Western Canada, Verve Senior Living

  • Comfort Life provides great value for our marketing spend. It generates a lot of website hits and referrals for us. In particular, the video interviews have been superb. Many tours have mentioned they wanted to tour after watching them.”
    — Tai Ma, Business Manager, Sagecare, Inc.

  • "Working with families for over 15 years, adult children want fast answers, while their parents like to take their time to assess information. Comfort Life fulfills everyone’s needs. It’s my first recommendation for families starting on their elder care journey."
    — Pat M. Irwin, President, ElderCareCanada

  • Comfort Life provides terrific exposure to a wide area, with timely information for potential residents. The people collecting information really understand the industry and they ask the right questions in order to give the best advice on your marketing. It’s very helpful to me as an advertiser."
    — Michelle Ferrara, Community Relations Manager, Livita Queens Avenue Retirement Residence

  • “I make it a mission every year to try and get more of my communities on board… you’re investing a lot in the user-friendly customer facing platform... it boosts our SEO... and is respected... it goes far beyond being just a directory listing.”
    — Jennifer Nicoll, former VP Sales and Marketing, Greenwood Retirement Communities

  • “Our best website referral traffic.”
    — Lina Saba, Director of Sales and Marketing, Park Place Seniors Living

  • Lead generation directly to our website from Comfort Life is a clear benefit. Our teams provide as a referral tool to help those looking for a specific lifestyle or area that is not available in our portfolio."
    — Nikki Lewis, Director, Sales & Marketing, Delmanor Communities

  • “Our website analytics show that Comfort Life is always one of our top referral sites for visitors."
    — Anna Louie, Marketing Director, PARC Retirement Living

Janice Miller, Manager, Marketing & Communications Relations at Bria Communities

Comfort Life has been featured in

ontario retirement communities association
bc seniors living association
the huffington post

Your Comfort Life Membership Includes

Joining Comfort Life means we’ll promote your community across all our retirement-research platforms: ONLINE, PRINT, SOCIAL, MOBILE
Online Exposure
When people go online to research retirement and senior living options, they find

  • It’s the most popular resource for retirement living research in Canada.
  • 840,000+ unique visitors use it annually to discover, analyze, compare, and choose communities.
  • It dominates search engines, ranking #1–3 for thousands of highly targeted and buyer-intent keyword searches.
Detailed brand profile (full profile) Your brand’s in-depth information includes photos, videos, and 2,000–4,000 words of structured content, covering your Lifestyle, health & wellness, support services, and more
  • Manager’s message
  • Lifestyle options
  • Dining
  • Amenities and services
  • Suites and rates
  • Stories and testimonials
  • Blog newsfeed
  • Social media links
and more…
User reviews Residents and resident families share key aspects of their experience with your community, including the suite details, programming, dining and social fit. These reviews provide prospects with an objective, inside perspective on culture, staff, and more
Take Comfort review These brief reviews provide an objective, thumbnail sketch of your strengths, differentiating features, culture, and more. They appear on your full profile and the review hub, within our search tools and on our comparison tables.
Brand Synopsis (mini-profile) We’ll show YOUR specific brand synopsis on to prospects actively researching retirement living options. It will be showcased across our site:
  • Scores of pages featuring communities in your area and of your type (which rank highly and garner tons of traffic).
  • Retirement living research tools like our advanced search and comparison tables.
  • Links to your detailed brand profile (full profile)
Advanced Search Be found where prospects search by location, types, cost, and more.
  • Community information shown in map and list view
  • Links to your full profile
Comparison tables Community information is presented in comparison tables and charts throughout enabling targeted and engaged prospects to compare options (one-to-one and many-to-many) along key dimensions.
Events page Promote an unlimited number of your key events and dates on They’ll appear on:
  • The Comfort Life events calendar
  • Your full brand profile
  • Monthly eNewsletters which link to our online events calendar
Block and newsfeed Any time you add a story about your community, it appears on your full profile and on The Pulse of Comfort Life blog.
Digital magazine Profile in the digital edition of our Retirement Living Guide. Includes your photo, logo, lifestyle options, rates, and more. Links directly to your website.

Print Exposure
You’ll be profiled in our 19th annual Comfort Life guide (a 100+-page magazine): the most referenced retirement living resource in Canada. Our compelling editorial and 170+ community profiles outline the best options for seniors and older adults and help them find the ideal fit for their next chapter in life

Each profile is laid out in the same way, which allows parents to easily read and compare their options, while still leaving room for you to differentiate your mission and value proposition.
Social Media Exposure
We regularly promote members using Facebook posts, tweets, and more. Engage with families through the Comfort Life social media community.

Resident video interview
Family Review video
You’ll be showcased in an Insider Perspective Video. In this 15-minute video interview, a chosen resident family will share their thoughts on your community, culture, experience and much more.

We’ll feature your video on your Comfort Life profile, in our retirement living reviews portal and through our social channels and eNews.

This video will come from Comfort Life—a trusted, authoritative third-party platform, and will be viewed as editorial rather than marketing.

Now is the time to focus on VALUE—
on getting the most “bang for your buck.”

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