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Why organizations choose Comfort Life

Comfort Life is a cost-effective community-marketing platform that captures 100% of your audience in a way that’s more targeted, engaging, and cost-effective than any marketing alternative.

  • Greenhouse Marketing and Communications
    "Ethics, responsiveness, and innovation are extremely important. Comfort Life scores on all three fronts."
    —Heather Green, President and CEO, Greenhouse Marketing and Communications
    • Verve Senior Living
      "Both their website and magazine have a great reputation. Throughout our collaboration, we've appreciated their transparent pricing without any hidden fees, delivering excellent value. Their team consistently demonstrates top-notch professionalism."
      —Sheri Brown, Director of Sales & Marketing, Western Canada, Verve Senior Living

    • Greenwood Retirement Communities
      "One of the most important things is how much you dedicate time and energy to giving back to the industry, to education, to being available for questions, for really helping team members understand the entire landscape."
      —Jennifer Nicoll, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Greenwood Retirement Communities

    • Bria Communities
      "I had been doing some research on how we were going to increase our online performance and had really noticed that Comfort Life was the place to be."

      "We’re really being intentional about how we’re spending our advertising and marketing dollars and an online service like this really scratches the itch."

      —Janice Miller, Manager, Marketing and Community Relations, Bria Communities

    • Winchester Glen Retirement Community
      "Comfort Life is an excellent company to deal with, promoting our name in the digital world. It gives inquiring clientele easy access to details of options we offer in our retirement community. It’s a great way to get your company's info out there. Any requests are addressed promptly and professionally. Information is easy to complete, with professional staff always willing to help."
      —Sara Roger, Sales Manager, Winchester Glen Retirement Community

    • Verve Senior Living
      "I find that having that third party website, laying out all of these types of homes in the way that it does, acts like a filter to help families, which really helps us marketers and sales individuals to give us those qualified leads."
      —Adam Cranley, former Business Development Specialist, Metta Lifestyles

How does Comfort Life help your sales?

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of our communities are always near capacity and well-established in their community—and for many, we are the only place they advertise.

All of these communities have a similar aim: to make more efficient use of their marketing resources. They also understand the value of being on Canada’s #1 retirement-choice platform.

  •  Metta Lifestyles
    "The conversion rates from the quality of leads that come through your website is very, very strong. It’s worth every penny."
    —Adam Cranley, former Business Development Specialist, Metta Lifestyles
    • Bria Communities
      "Comfort Life stands out above all of the other free and paid listings as just really being the source for seniors living information across Canada."

      "Often when you’re Googling different options for seniors living, it’s going to be a Comfort Life that’s the first thing that pops up as a natural link, not a paid ad. I’m always looking for what is not just paid and for what is organic."
      —Janice Miller, Manager, Marketing and Community Relations, Bria Communities

    • Greenhouse Marketing and Communications
      "Comfort Life brings them to the next level in terms of being far more sophisticated about generating leads and using web based lead generation as a tool."

      "As a result of one of our digital audits that we were doing, Comfort Life again comes up towards the top in terms of search ranking."

      "It’s a fantastic resource for your client - that is the person who is searching. If you can be associated with a fantastic resource that offers all kinds of information and tools to our client, then you build trust and credibility. But also you get your name up there in front of them."
      —Heather Green, President and CEO, Greenhouse Marketing and Communications

    • The Redwoods Ottawa
      "People regularly mention information found only in our Comfort Life video, so we know that it's effectively influencing their decision."
      —April Johnstone, Sales & Marketing Manager, The Redwoods Retirement Residence

Why do prospective families turn to Comfort Life for answers?

Families that go online to research retirement living options end up on Comfort Life is the central platform families use to discover, analyze and decide on a retirement community. We reach families throughout their entire research journey and provide validation to their decision, making Comfort Life the most influential retirement-marketing channel available.

How does Comfort Life help both urban and rural communities?

Families use Comfort Life for the information and tools we provide for two main reasons:

  1. We give families a macro view of their options in context; we help families analyze, compare, and shortlist their retirement living choices, in a structured framework. This gives families and seniors a sense of confidence — having "surveyed the landscape" — they don’t get from looking at communities in isolation.

  2. We also give them a deeper understanding of their individual choices. In our annual survey, 43% of our website visitors told us they already had a community in mind as they used our site. These visitors are using our site to validate their thinking and conduct more thorough research.

How does Comfort Life target the right families?

People who research retirement and care decisions online will end up on It’s the most highly trafficked platform families use to discover, analyze and decide on communities and care. We reach people throughout their entire journey and provide validation to their decision, making Comfort Life the most influential care- and community-marketing channel available.

What surprised you about Comfort Life?

Comfort Life is an active partner with our member communities. We share knowledge to help members improve their own marketing, and we're constantly investing in adding new value to membership. Our annual retention rate is consistently near 100% over the last five years because of that

  • Out-Smarts Marketing Inc.
    "The Comfort Life listing for each home shows up often on the first page, sometimes even above our own links.
    —Mhairi Petrovic, Founder, Out-Smarts Marketing Inc.
    • Bria Communities
      "I have been surprised at how robust the options are for expanding our reach through Comfort Life. The team is always coming back to us with ideas about extra content."
      —Janice Miller, Manager, Marketing and Community Relations, Bria Communities

    • Metta Lifestyles
      "If you’re not on Comfort Life, take a second look. Definitely consider it. If you do weigh the costs vs. the qualified leads as opposed to other efforts where you’re spending your time and money on as a company or as your community, you’ll be pleasantly surprised."

      "When you look at other competitors like referral sources, at the end of the day, Comfort Life is a tenth of the cost for the amount of converted leads. That’s well worth it."
      —Adam Cranley, former Business Development Specialist, Metta Lifestyles

    • Delmanor Senior Living
      "Backend linking to our website is a very undervalued feature of Comfort Life."
      —Nikki Lewis, Director, Sales & Marketing, Delmanor Communities

More from member communities

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Greenwood Retirement Communities
"It’s been a great experience working with Comfort Life. It goes beyond just being a directory, showing homes not only from a statistical, informational data standpoint but also from heart, through sharing stories."

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Sherwood House Retirement Living
"Comfort Life is an exceptional marketing tool. Their staff is professional and helpful."

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Arbourside Court
"In addition to leads generation Comfort Life has provided quality seminars and other tools that help to grow our business."

Metta Lifestyles

"If you’re not on Comfort Life, take a second look. Definitely consider it. If you do weigh the costs vs. the qualified leads as opposed to other efforts where you’re spending your time and money on as a company or as your community, you’ll be pleasantly surprised." —Adam Cranley, former Business Development Specialist at Metta Lifestyles

Greenwood Retirement Communities

"That opportunity to come together with like minded people and share ideas is extremely valuable." —Jennifer Nicoll, VP-Sales & Marketing at Greenwood Retirement Communities

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"Comfort Life has been useful to me as an eldercare consultant, for GTA and non-GTA retirement residence information. Classification by city, the description and photos are very helpful as are positive editorial articles about retirement living."

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Ontario Retirement Communities Association
"Comfort Life magazine is a valuable resource for Ontario seniors and their families. Its impact lies in artful storytelling and imagery that truly conveys the vibrant essence of retirement living."

Bria Communities

"I feel like they’re partners. They’re actually looking for ways to accelerate traffic to our sites and that’s just really encouraging. There’s just nobody else on the radar like Comfort Life that provides the same services." —Janice Miller, Manager, Marketing & Communications Relations at Bria Communities

Greenhouse Marketing & Communications

"I respect the fact that you guys are investing a lot in the client facing interface that you use. The other thing is that Comfort Life we know is respected. So as far as boosting our SEO and being deemed a relevant partner in the eyes of Google algorithms, we know that that’s important." —Heather Green, President & CEO at Greenhouse Marketing & Communications

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The Redwoods Retirement Residence, Ottawa
"We are very happy to be advertising with Comfort Life again. We saw a spike in leads and had successful move-ins with clients using your company as a resource."

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PARC Retirement Living
"Our website analytics show that Comfort Life is always listed as one of the top referral sites for our visitors."

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Crown Ridge Health Care
"Good exposure of our homes in avery well put together magazine ... It seems to be one of the top publications for consumers."

Verve Senior Living

"Comfort Life Media incorporates a dynamic marketing bundle that shares our information on a variety of platforms including online, mobile, print, and digital profiles. The exposure and target audience they connect us with allows us to extend our reach and educate new families year round — well worth the investment." —Verve Senior Living

Out-Smarts Marketing

"When seniors or the families of seniors are looking for places, Comfort Life is one of the places online that people are looking. It helps having a link back from a trusted site like Comfort Life." "I find Comfort Life to be easier to find our way around than some of the other ones. You guys seem to stay up to date with technology." —Mhairi Petrovic, Founder, Out-Smarts Marketing Inc.

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