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Connect with target families, grow your brand, and increase your enrollment through the Our Kids marketing membership. We promote you to over 200,000 families every month through our multi-platform media network (which includes online, print, mobile, and person-to-person).

The Our Kids membership runs for a full 12 months, from September to August, and we guarantee results.

Generate inquiries

Our Kids is a lead generator: it adds qualified families to your sales funnel—families that can be converted to applications for enrolment.

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Shape perceptions

Membership gives you a platform to craft your public image and identity, and allows you to spread your message to thousands of families researching private schools.

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Build awareness

Hundreds of thousands of families, over the long term, will become aware of your school, and see it alongside other schools, as a viable option.

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Generate direct inquiries and enrolments

On our website (OurKids.net), families can connect with you in three ways:

  • Click through to your website
  • Email you directly from OurKids.net
  • Click to view your phone number, so they can call you

These conversions are measurable. In fact, we provide you with real-time analytics tracking these numbers.

Families that don’t immediately connect with you are still educated about your school, making them more likely to convert to you later. We help funnel families to your school, no matter their phase in the research process

Shape perceptions of your school

Membership allows you to reach the families most likely to spread your message to the broader public—those researching private schools. These families discuss options among themselves, convey opinions, and make distinctions between schools. Targeting this niche group is an effective way to manage your brand identity and word-of-mouth marketing.

You’ll also have ample space to manage your identity and craft your message. This isn’t “reminder” advertising: families will engage with 2,000 to 4,000 words of structured information about your school.

Build awareness and long-term brand equity

Membership benefits your school over the long term. Thousands of families will learn about your school and spend time studying your information.

This helps you build and maintain your brand, which pays off in the future. Over time, more families will discuss and consider your school on the strength of your brand alone. You can then set more ambitious goals for your school, including attracting more and better applicants.

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Finally, you can also read the Our Kids marketing membership information kit, and link to specific sections of this kit below.

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We guarantee that at least 800 qualified families will view your school profile annually, or we’ll reimburse your membership fees.

To find out more about an Our Kids membership, please call 1-877-272-1845 or email us.

On this website, you can also learn about membership basics, benefits, and which schools are current members. You can also register for an Our Kids marketing membership now.

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