Our Kids assists private schools to grow their online footprint, generate new leads and improve their retention rates

Niagara Christian Collegiate

"The online and print profiles that you provide are a great tool for us and are really easy to use. This saves me valuable time in addressing our target markets in a timely fashion each year and it covers every detail of the services and benefits that we offer our prospective parents, students, and campers. Our Kids knows and understands our target market!"

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FTW & Bright Start Academy

"We get a steady stream of families approaching us because of OurKids.net"

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Cornerstone Montessori Prep School

"Attending the annual Private School Expo has driven leads to our school, resulting in enrolments."

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Trinity College School

"The team at Our Kids are smart marketers and have positioned themselves as the education experts in Canada. [They are] always innovating and ensuring you are staying ahead of the curve."

Walden International School

"As a growing school, Walden seeks families that value the merits of a quality education and demand the very best in progressive learning. From day one, Our Kids has been the focal point of our marketing strategy and has connected us with the parents and students that make our school a wonderful place to learn, teach, and be. Recognized as Canada’s Trusted Source, the Our Kids platform lends its credibility and expertise to their partner schools. The return on our investment is evident as we gain leads directly from our online profile on ourkids.net, sponsorship of the website’s Brampton private schools page, print profile in the annual Private School Guide, and participation in the annual Private School Expos. What sets Our Kids apart from other companies is their attention to detail, brand consistency, and exceptional service. We are grateful for our dedicated Account Manager—our strategist, supporter, and confidant—who has been with us every step of the way. We are excited to know that the Our Kids team continuously innovates the ways schools can increase their enrolment."

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Dragon Academy

"People are finding us all the time from your great listings on your website. It is just wonderful working with you!"

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Fulford Academy, Brockville ON

"I would highly recommend Our Kids to attract both Canadian students as well as international students for boarding schools."

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The Dalton School

"Many families looking for school choices tell us they use the Our Kids website, attend the school expo, and receive the catalogue in the mail. Our Kids has definitely helped guide prospective families to our website and to registering with us."

Children’s Garden Nursery School

“Due to many families searching online, I believe the convenience of just clicking on a link for more information leads to more inquiries ... [Our Kids’] layout of presenting each school is quite extensive and I believe this helps with matching families to a school that meets their needs. For a small school such as ours, the cost is expensive in comparison to other advertising options. However, the results have been more positive when bringing new families through our doors which results in the cost being a good investment. I would also say that you have a wonderful customer service department that sends regular reminders to check in on our advertising with Our Kids as when school life gets busy, I don’t always remember to check in and update as often as I should.”

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Progressive Academy

"We are indeed happy with the promotional support and exposure we receive from Our Kids. … In particular your promotion opportunity has assisted Progressive Academy with online exposure, which is the way most people find out about our school. It also offers a very comprehensive view of what private schools have to offer, and promotes private schools in general, which I feel is very important. Families need to know that there are options and they can choose what is best for their family."

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Neuchâtel Junior College

"Awesome! We'll continue to participate in all 5 Expos. They are great for our strategy."

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Brampton Christian School

“[I love that] you are inclusive. You work to profile not just bigger or better known schools, but everyone, in your articles, workshops, panel discussions, etc. Though we are a smaller school, we don't feel lost in the mix.”

West Island College

"The Our Kids team continues to do an amazing job at serving their clients, providing invaluable resources and continuously evolving to meet the demands of our rapidly changing environment. Their organization is a model for creativity, innovation, and evolution."

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ACSI - The Association of Christian Schools International

"If you are looking to grow your school enrolment, we at ACSI Eastern Canada recommend that you look into working with Our Kids. I think you will find they have very effective results-driven marketing resources for independent schools like ours."

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Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

"CCMA has successfully partnered with Our Kids Media in our ongoing effort to inform the parents and public about Montessori, CCMA schools and the value of accreditation. Our Kids prominence with print, online, live webinars and social media has been a strong benefit in the exposure and marketing of our Association and our member schools."

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Ontario Federation of Independent Schools

"OFIS is excited to partner with Our Kids to offer even more marketing value for our member schools. More than just a print ad, your investment with Our Kids includes year-long exposure and promotion with proven results — something that daily, weekly and monthly advertising cannot offer."

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