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Our Kids The Trusted Source
Parent Tested Parent Approved
Trusted by parents since 1998
Our Kids The Trusted Source
Parent Tested Parent Approved
Trusted by parents since 1998

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Let's chat!


Engage families
before they choose

Tell your story on Poland's #1 bilingual school-choice platform

Our Kids helps families choose the right school, and helps schools like yours
achieve marketing goals not possible through typical advertising.

Target your
precise market
Engage families
Leverage a powerful
third-party validator

Our Kids offers you a uniquely cost-effective bilingual platform that captures and engages your entire target market.
You’ll tell your story to thousands of families on the #1 school-choice platform in Poland, through online and print media,
including a comprehensive 4,000-word profile on This means more families will consider you, study your info,
and confidently choose your school.

Learn why both big and small schools use Our Kids

Marketing your school—effectively and efficiently—is challenging. Here’s why:

Your market is uniquely narrow:

Only around 6% of children in Poland (less than 1.2% of the total population) are educated in private schools.
With traditional or even other online marketing, up to 98% of your money is wasted on the wrong audience.

Typical ads aren't very informative:

Most advertisements or messages are brief interruptions that get ignored. Yet to influence families on an important decision
like school-choice, you need to engage them—meaningfully.

School marketing requires instilling confidence:

Families need confidence to choose a school—confidence they’re making a good decision.
This can’t be achieved through your own website, traditional marketing initiatives, or mere word-of-mouth.

That’s where we come in.
Our Kids offers schools uniquely efficient
and effective marketing.

The three virtues of the
Our Kids marketing platform

Our Kids provides the most cost-efficient school-marketing platform in Poland.
There are three main reasons for this—the three virtues of Our Kids.


Virtue #1

Our Kids targets families interested in private school

Your market is narrow—roughly only 6% of students attend private school. This means that even if you targeted only parents of school age kids, 94% of typical advertising does NOT reach the right parents —families searching for private schools.

We, meanwhile, reach almost 100% of it. Virtually every family that visits is actively researching private schools. And, if a family is looking for a private school, they almost certainly use

Download an Our Kids' free regional report to find out how many families from your community are actively researching private schools like yours.

Virtue #2

Our Kids targets families when they’re most receptive to your message

Typical ads are generally ineffective. They interrupt viewers, lack context, and are often ignored. We, meanwhile, position your school as content (not an advertisement), and reach families when they’re maximally receptive to your message—when they’re actively researching private schools.

When families come to Our Kids, they’re eager to hear your story. Since your message is relevant to them, seen as content rather than an ad, and you’re given lots of space to engage them (4,000 words of structured content), your info presented on Our Kids is of great importance and relevance for families in the task of choosing a school.

Virtue #3

Our Kids provides you with third-party validation that instills confidence in parents

Choosing a school requires more than paid ads and word of mouth. When parents see extensive information about a school on Poland’s premier school-choice platform, trusted by parents and offering over 300 educational articles in Polish and in English, it makes them much more comfortable enrolling.

We are an objective third party forum, where your school has an unprecedented opportunity to show your uniqueness, strengths, and achievements. Families can find all that in one place.

In short, Our Kids cuts through the marketing clutter and delivers your story to engaged parents on a trusted educational platform. This makes us the most cost-effective way to promote your school. Our Kids connects the right schools with the right students.


Upper Canada College
engages with families on Our Kids—
why not you?

Why join Our Kids

As an Our Kids member, your school will receive three major benefits:

Build awareness

Build awareness

We increase awareness of your school, and how easily families think of your brand when cued.

Thousands of families from your market spend time studying school information on Our Kids. This offers you a uniquely efficient way to make more families aware—and more deeply aware—of your school.

Families seeing you on our platform builds your brand equity. Over time, more of them will consider your school based on our brand alone. You’ll then be able to set further goals, such as increasing your applicants and enrollments.

Shape perceptions

Shape perceptions

We shape how families in your market perceive your identity, public image, and brand.

Building awareness is sufficient to market most products and services. But private schools are different: families spend a lot of time and energy studying their options

Your challenge isn’t merely to make families aware of your school, but for them to develop a rich understanding of it. Our Kids gives you the audience, context, and space to tell your school’s full story about your unique program.

Generate interest

Generate interest

deliver qualified leads to your admissions team.

As a school marketer, you want to generate inquiries, and ultimately, enrollments. And Our Kids certainly does that for you.

For example, a family might click directly from to your website, contact you, and then enrol. Or, a family might first learn about you through word-of-mouth, and then research you more in-depth through Our Kids (and other resources), before enrolling.

Measured results

Your performance is measured in concrete metrics, reported to you in real-time. You'll see just how many qualified families will choose to study your detailed school information on We know it works, and we're transparent with our metrics.

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How does it work

A demo of how families use Our Kids and the results member schools are seeing.

Who joins Our Kids

A deeper look into what an Our Kids school is all about

Our Kids is not a luxury purchase. We provide a cost-effective bilingual school-marketing platform that captures 100% of your market in a way that’s more targeted, engaging, and cost-effective than any marketing alternative.

Our member school community represents a broad spectrum of school-types: large, small, expensive, inexpensive, mainstream, alternative, and more.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that many of our schools are small, full, already known in their community, and don’t advertise elsewhere.

All of these schools have a similar aim: to make more efficient use of their marketing resources. They also understand the value of being on Poland's unique and respected parent-school engagement platform.

Schools that choose Our Kids:

Get Data on Families in Your Market

Thousands of families are researching schools on

Families that go online to research schools often end up on Our website dominates search engine results for thousands of school-related keywords (meaning our site comes up as a top organic search result in Google).

Due to our vast reach, thousands of families are using every week to discover, compare, and choose schools like yours. In fact, Our Kids is the only comprehensive and bilingual guide to private schools in Poland.

Download a free regional report to find out how many families from your community are actively researching private schools like yours.


“Particularly now, it’s important for families to have as much information about us online as possible. Our Kids is consistently the top result in Google searches and it’s important that our school information is there.”

—Katarzyna Kowal, Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące przy PJATK, Warsaw

“Our school was formed to help people immigrating from abroad above all, and this is how we see our mission. It is very important that we are visible to families internationally and that people who are wondering if it is worth moving to Łódź, know that there is a school at this level. Our Kids does that for us.”

—Magdalena Matz, Chairman of the Board, British International School of the University of Lodz

“At first contact I thought Our Kids was another booklet with a list of schools so I approached the matter with some skepticism. Later, when I saw that solid information was provided there and that those interested could learn a lot from these materials, I realized Our Kids is about something else.... On such a platform as Our Kids, where everything is described in detail, parents, relocation companies or corporations that offer school recommendations to employees can accurately see what each school offers and receive knowledge that goes beyond the name itself and beautiful color pictures.”

—Katarzyna Kotulska, director, Embassy International School, Krakow

“Our Kids Guide is brilliantly published, similar in a way to LA Parent published in Los Angeles. It's a very good way to give parents information about schools in an interesting way.”

—Sylvia Macias Dvorkin, director, Warsaw Montessori School

“The Expo is a very good initiative - we had a lot of interest after the fair. The entire Our Kids project is a great idea and has a chance to reach people who are interested in private schools. In addition, Our Kids perfectly supports our school marketing. ”

—Agnieszka Olszewska, founder and director, Polish-English Primary School Edison in Warsaw

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Your Our Kids Membership Includes

Where you’re promoted How you’re promoted

The only such online resource in Poland for school research, used by 80,000 families every month to discover, analyze, compare, and choose schools. It dominates search engines, ranking #1 to 3 for thousands of school-related keyword searches.

Print school guide

Poland's largest and most referenced independent school guide. 25,000 copies are distributed through numerous channels. The guide includes profiles of the leading private schools, and pages of editorial.

  • Profile of your school(½ or full page)
  • Listing in the index of schools
School expo

Poland's only education event designed exclusively private schools. Hosted centrally in Warsaw, it attracts 1,200+ parents and students interested specifically in private school.

  • Profile of your school distributed in printed school guide to all families in attendance (Cost to exhibit is extra)
Digital magazine

Our print school guide, but in the form of a digital magazine (suitable for tablets, desktops, and mobile phones).

Social media channels & partners

The Our Kids shares member school information on Facebook and with our partner influencer network extending reach by 10,000+ followers.

  • We regularly promote members in the form of facebook posts, shares and guest blogs.

Gold member
  • Top position on school lists across
  • Full page school profile in the magazine
  • Distinguished visually on all school lists across
  • Distinguished visually on advanced school search
  • Includes full Our Kids Marketing Membership
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