Our Kids helps camps to grow their online footprint, generate new leads and improve their retention rates

Bravo Academy

"We have been advertising with Our Kids on and off for the last few years and have found a significant difference when we list with them. Our Kids are dedicated to providing the best to the companies they work with, and make it simple to connect with families. We found that we lost a lot of clients when we moved to our new facility in North York last year, and Our Kids is helping us bring awareness to families nearby."

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Real Programming 4 Kids

"Our Kids brought in more customers for less dollars than some of the main Ontario daily newspapers."

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Glen Bernard Camp

"Our Kids offers a superb format, packed with useful information. For over 20 years, Our Kids continues to represent camping in a professional, engaging manner."

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Medeba Summer Camp

"Our Kids does a great job reaching those families looking for a summer camp. They put us in front of thousands of families for consideration."

Camp Cherith

"We love both the visibility and credibility we gain working with Our Kids. They are the full package – they cover all aspects of marketing for us. We are very pleased with this investment from an ROI perspective."

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Rocky Ridge Camp

"We had often looked at the Our Kids Media advertisements and just didn't feel we had the budget to make it work. Well, last Fall that all changed as we took the plunge. What a difference that made. Our numbers this summer increased and we had many inquiries. One parent called while she was on the Ranch website and asked a question I knew was right there. I guided her to the appropriate dropdown and she couldn't locate it. She started reading off some information and I realized she was on the Our Kids webpage although she had not stated that was how she found us! Two campers came from that call!"

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TMS School & Discovery Day Camp

"Our Kids is the only dedicated 'go to' site for all parents and children looking for a camp in Canada. This professional magazine and online site allows parents to have all the information they need at their fingertips. In addition, the annual Camp Expo is the best at showcasing the best. The amazing team at Our Kids is wonderful to work with, they are professional, focused and highly responsive — I consider them an extension of my team."

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Christian Camping International – Canada

"CCI/Canada is excited to partner with Our Kids to offer our member Camps and Conference Centres an excellent marketing and promotional opportunity. Make your advertising dollars go further than ever before"


"We had debated hard about using OurKids for advertising because we are a small camp and didn’t know whether we could absorb the fees if it didn’t work for us. Eventually we decided to bite the bullet and signed up at Our Kids in mid June to start advertising in July. We were so happy to see that we got enough camp subscriptions to cover the cost of advertising in the first year even though we signed up so late… We are excited to see what next year will bring now that we will be advertising early and will have our presence in the magazine as well."

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Whitchurch Riding Academy

"We’re excited to renew our partnership with Our Kids again! Last year our camp registrations far exceeded expectations. We love the ease of connecting directly to parents, the flow of visitor information to our website, and the convenience of updating our promotional material and photos online."

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The Play Series

"When The Play Series re-branded, last year, with the idea of reaching past our warm market, Our Kids was our best support site and lead supplier. Our web stats spiked and then stayed up there, we would get regular calls from our listing but, most importantly, those calls were relatively easy to convert. We are growing our community of campers and youth company kids and we really have Our Kids to thank!"

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College of Makeup Art & Design

CMU College of Makeup Art & Design utilizes Our Kids to showcase our Summer Beauty and SPFX Makeup Camps because the website and annual catalogue are the #1 trusted resource for Canadian families searching for the best camps for their kids, based on specific interests. Our Kids also has excellent customer service and dedicated representatives who stay in contact with us on a regular basis and follow up with any questions in a timely and informative manner."

Stonewood Academy

"Stonewood Riding Academy has been partnered with OurKids for just two summers now. In our first year of camp, before partnering with OurKids, we had a total of 20 campers. Once we were set up with a profile on OurKids, the number of inquiries into our summer camp program more than quadrupled! This past summer our camp program almost filled to capacity - leads coming from OurKids were about 75% compared to other means of advertising. Aside from the sheer number of leads generated from OurKids, they offer members excellent "extras" which I have been fortunate enough to make use of"

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The Cutting Room

"The commitment of Our Kid's Team to ensure great leads was evident this year for our Teen Fashion Camps. The inquiries were great and most of them led to sales. We have signed up again this year to be a part of Our Kids!"

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Centauri Arts Camp

"The Our Kids management team really understands camp. Their print magazine, website and camp fairs are a vital resource for parents on a quest to find the right camp for their child. As an arts camp, we especially appreciate the specialist listings on the Our Kids website, which enable families to find a camps offering activities that match the interests of their child."

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Camp Mini-Yo-We

"Camp Mini-Yo-We has really benefited from working alongside Our Kids to introduce new families to the summer camp experience year after year. Their online presence and annual expo are key parts of our marketing strategy as we work to reach new audiences"

Camp Cherith – Ontario

"As a smaller camp with a limited budget I often get asked if I receive good value for the money spent with Our Kids. My answer ‘it is worth every penny’. The on line exposure along with the print exposure continues to bring us leads that translate into camper families. Our Kids commitment to promoting the value of camp speaks to their dedication to camping in Ontario and beyond. Thank you Our Kids for your partnership"

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Camp Oconto

"Camp Oconto has been advertising with Our Kids since Our Kids Media was founded in 1997. Camp Oconto continues to enjoy working with the dedicated team at Our Kids Media. Our Kids publications are a trusted resource for parents who are looking for camp opportunities for their children. The Camp Oconto team is especially impressed by the quantitative metrics that Our Kids tracks in terms of click throughs, website visits etc. Thank you Our Kids Media!"

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"Working with Our Kids has always been smooth and great. They know their customers and campers well! We have received new calls and emails from customers since working with Our Kids. We are happy with the results and visibility MakerKids have received and look forward to growing our relationship with them."

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Centre D’Équitation Sans Souci inc.

"Sans Souci has been advertising with the our kids for over 15 years. I strongly believe that advertising with the our kids magazine is one of the reasons we are full capacity from year to year. We consistently have a high response of inquiries to our advertising with the our kids magazine."

Camp Kodiak

" For many years, Camp Kodiak has looked to Our Kids to help create connections between us and our prospective campers and their families. Their online presence along with their print publication allows those looking for a camp to easily find the programs that best meet their needs and interests. From participating in their photo contests to attending the annual Camp Expo in Toronto, not to mention their wonderfully helpful staff who are always available to assist us, Camp Kodiak enjoys the partnership that we have developed with Our Kids over the years. "

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Camp Muskoka

"Camp Muskoka has been advertising with Our Kids for many years with fantastic results. Families happily tell us how great the Our Kids website is and how easy it was to find Camp Muskoka, and each year when we review the referral sources for our campers, Our Kids is consistently in the top five! The impact of our marketing with Our Kids could not be replaced with any other camp resource. Camp Muskoka’s continued growth is in part thanks to the campers who find us through Our Kids online, in print, and at the camp expo. We would never hesitate to recommend Our Kids to families searching for the right camp."

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Toronto Athletic Camps (TAC Sports)

"Toronto Athletic Camps (TAC Sports) has had the pleasure of working with Our Kid's team for the past three years. We have received numerous parents calling our offices and emailing via the Our Kid's media page. Their reach to all parent communities is unlike any other. Easy and straightforward searches help parents find the information they require to make the best choice for their children. We look forward to all Our Kid's media parents at our year-round locations and camps!"

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Royal Conservatory of Music

"Royal Conservatory School is proud to work with Our Kids. Through participation in their Camp Expo last year, we were able to engage with families interested in our March Break and Summer Camps as well as our music education curriculum. Our numbers this summer increased, and a handful of sales were made at the Expo itself. We value this partnership and look forward to working together again this year."

4Cats Arts Studio

"Our Kids team's is super easy to work with. Their platform is an excellent resource for parents"

Active Challenge

"Before Active Challenge became a member of the Our Kids family, people did not know about the amazing program that we run for young women. I would often get calls from families who did not understand what we did at Active Challenge or could not believe that they stumbled upon our program and felt like they won the jackpot.

Our Kids does such an amazing job, not only letting people know that Active Challenge exists but also providing an educational platform for those families looking for a health and fitness camp. With Our Kids we don’t get lost in a huge pile of generic programs. We stand out as unique. Our Kids really is where families go to learn about wonderful programs and explore what is the right fit for their children. Thank you Our Kids! You put us on the map"

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