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ASAP Camp Safety Program

Training for Summer Camps - Prevention of sexual abuse

ASAP's abuse-prevention program is being used to ensure safety as well as healthy physical and behavioral interactions.

It includes a Director's Guide, screening protocol, staff training - animated videos- a test for certification, and guidelines for parents.

The training platform is easy and clear to use.

It raises the standards of camps and camp staff in a respectful and innovative way and reduces liability.

By providing training and implementing safety measures, camps will send a message to counsellors, campers, and parents that they are educated, aware, and will not tolerate abuse.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Administrators, counselors, and staff will have an increased awareness of the signs of sexual abuse, the ability to identify children who are struggling, and the tools to get them the professional help they need.
  2. Safety protocol will be implemented throughout camp to ensure that proper boundaries are maintained and that staff and campers are not at risk. Potential perpetrators will be deterred from joining camp or committing abuse.
  3. Parents will be knowledgeable about sexual abuse of children, the tools with which to speak with children, and the awareness of how to respond in case boundaries are violated.


  1. ASAP Website
    Visit our website for more information on the ASAP Camp Safety - Abuse Prevention Program and a sample of the training videos


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