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We’ll use this space to highlight some of the things you need to know about your Our Kids membership, such as new profile updates. We’ll also use it to highlight items of more general interest, including what we and our members are involved in, projects we’re working on, developments in the marketplace, and ideas we think you’ll be interested in.

  • April 2020
    During an online campfire from Camp Wenonah last week, Jason Monteith said that “one of the things I love about camp—and I bet you’ve found the last couple weeks that one way that this has been a lot like camp...
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  • March 2020
    Many camps are offering programming online, and for perhaps a majority, it’s a first foray into making real use of remote platforms. The value is clear: kids need things to do, and parents welcome productive, engaging activities...
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  • February 2020
    The 23rd annual edition of the Our Kids Camp and Program guide is currently being distributed. It’s our biggest edition ever, including profiles of more than 360 camps and programs, delivering, by far, the most complete resource of its kind in Canada...
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  • January 2020
    There’s a different look to our report this month, which marks a slight shift in focus. We’ll still use this space to highlight some of the things you need to know, such as the note below about the profiles going live to the site...
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