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Marketing Concepts

Additional Marketing Resources

Data Analytics

  • Google analytics webinar: Overview & basic customization

    Google Analytics can seem quite overwhelming when you are unfamiliar with some of the key elements and the intent of the tool. Watch our webinar to understand the basics of the tool, the key metrics, and how to set up a custom dashboard and report.

  • How to set up Google Analytics on your website

    If you have a website, you need Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful, free, decision support tool that is essential to understanding and improving your online marketing efforts. Data includes some basic metrics, such as page views, as well as more refined demographics about how viewers are finding and accessing your site and the average age and gender of your viewer.

    This documents explains how you can set up Google Analytics on your website.

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  • Understanding referral traffic and engagement metrics in Google analytics

    Looking at and analyzing referral traffic is critical to understand where the traffic to your website is coming from. More importantly, the engagement metrics help you understand the quality of that traffic.

    This document shows you how you can find your referral traffic and engagement metrics.

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  • Marketing Fundamentals

  • Selling senior living and care: From lead to move-in

    How many leads does you turn into tours and move-ins? If you offer a great retirement community that meets the needs and wants of your leads, you should (and could) be operating at 100%. You invest in advertising and are generating good leads, but they don't seem to be moving in. Why?

    Watch this webinar for tips and strategies that will help you improve your lead to move-in rate. 


    • What makes families buy, what drives them to tour and put down a deposit
    • 5 strategies for improving leads into move-ins
    • The #1 thing that will improve the number of sales you generate

    Need more leads? Consider advertising with COMFORT LIFE , the trusted source to retirement communities that more than 2,000 families turn to daily when choosing retirement living and care for their loved ones.

  • Retirement Community Content Marketing: What, Why, How?

    Content has become one of the most important tools that marketers have for generating leads and driving sales. But many companies struggle with understanding what it really is, and how to use it effectively in their sales cycle. 

    In this live, interactive webinar, you will learn: 

    - Guides for building out buyer personas 
    - Tips for creating content for each stage of the buying cycle 
    - Where, when and how to share it and use it effectively 

    People make decisions based on research and emotion, and great content will fuel your sales cycle, propelling leads from initial contact to move-in. 

    Offered in partnership with BCSLA.

    Click here to view and/or download the slides alone.

    Need more leads? Consider advertising with COMFORT LIFE , the trusted source to retirement communities that more than 2,000 families turn to daily when choosing retirement living and care for their loved ones.

  • Mobile - The 3rd Screen

    Today's digital world continues to evolve at light-speed. The "smartphone" has revolutionized the internet! Join Judi Samuels for a discussion on the importance of understanding mobile to reach your audience.

  • How to maximize senior living leads from online sources and directories

    Nearly every person buying a big ticket service (retirement living) or product will do LOTS of research online first. What areas are the most important to be a part of? How are seniors and their adult children searching online and what impacts their decision to choose one care option over another. This webinar features data pulled from industry trends along with more than 100,000+ retirement living searches completed on Watch the webinar and learn how you can take advantage of online sources and directories to either drive new leads, or help convert existing leads.

    Maximizing leads is more than what you do when you get a lead. It encompasses the entire marketing process which includes attracting leads, nurturing leads and then the long-term commitment of keeping and growing existing customers.

    We dig deeper into one the main marketing trends - Relational Marketing - and unpack it's extreme importance in shaping your marketing strategy today. Building on the notion that people buy from those they "Know, Like and Trust", we explore the need to build an emotional connection with your customers - where you over-deliver on your promise and spike customer satisfaction.

    We touch base on some of the key aspects of marketing to see how to truly maximize leads in a cumulative effect:
    * Your market 
    * Your solution
    * Your target group 
    * Your message 
    * Your platform choice 
    * Your analysis & correction
    * Your organization’s culture
    * Your long-term post-purchase plan

    Click here to view and/or download the slides alone.

    Need more leads? Consider advertising with COMFORT LIFE , the trusted source to retirement communities that more than 2,000 families turn to daily when choosing retirement living and care for their loved ones.

  • Google Analytics: Why you need it

    In this introductory webinar on Google Analytics we discuss the type of information you can learn about your website and website visitors, and how to harness this data to provide valuable insight so you can make improvements. We look at how Google Analytics collects data, how to install the program, and discuss why data collection isn't enough - the key to Google Analytics is taking action on the insight you gather from your data.

    View the slides here.

  • Comfort Life Media Network for Retirement Living - Live Demo

    See a live demo of the Comfort Life media network for retirement communities and care. 

    Comfort Life helps some of Canada's leading retirement communities generate qualified leads that increase their sales and move-ins every year. But is it for you?

    Watch this live demo and see how Comfort Life can revolutionalilze your marketing:

    • Improve traffic to your website from key referral sources and google search
    • Decrease your ad budget by investing in integrated advertising that includes print, online, social and mobile 
    • Benefit from free promotions via social, email marketing and tradeshows
    • Monitor your visibility, exposure and results

    Your advertising budget is limited, and you need to be confident that your are investing in media and marketing that will connect with your target audience and generate results. 

    Questions? 1877-272-1845 x31. Give us a call, we're here to help. Ask us about our no-risk money back guarantee program!

    Click here to explore the tools and marketing channels you'll get with the Comfort Life Media Network.


  • All Leads Aren't Created Equal

    Comfort Life Webinar

    In our last webinar at the end of July, we learned about why not all web traffic is created equal. This time, I would like to take a step further and show you how you can increase the quality of your lead capture, as well as nurturing your unengaged leads to a receptive prospect. In this webinar, titled "All Leads Aren't Created Equal", you'll learn the 5 myths about lead quality, the fundamentals of lead nurturing and lead scoring, and an opportunity to start building your own nurturing process.

    Wednesday, November 28th from 12:30pm - 1:30pm EST

    This is part of the Comfort Life Webinar Series, where we learn about the best digital marketing tools and practices for the retirement care industry. 

    View the Webinar Slides

  • Advertising senior living: print and online creative that works best

    Regardless of how much you spend (time or money) on marketing and advertising, the design of your ad has a huge impact on the effectiveness of it. In this webinar we'll cover advertising via internet banners, magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, billboards, and the multitude of other media available as advertising space. Designing a good advert can mean the difference between success and failure and is worth investing in.

    Questions? 1-877-272-1845 x32. Give us a call, we're here to help. Ask us about our no-risk money back guarantee program!

    Click here to explore the tools and marketing channels you'll get with the Comfort Life Media Network.

  • Advertising senior living & care: Comparing costs and audience

    Everyone wants a piece of your marketing budget, but how do you know what media outlets will generate the best results? Where should you invest your dollars? This session will outline what questions you need to ask, and how to compare advertising opportunities, so that you reach your goals. 

  • Social Media

  • Social Media: Best photo and video networks for retirement homes and senior care

    Photos and videos are the most engaging form of marketing - painting a thousand words and feelings of what your retirement home and home care services are really about. But with so many sites—Pintrest, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr—and so little time, where should you put your focus? Watch this webinar and learn how to most effectively incorporate photos and video's into your marketing mix.

    What you'll learn:

    • What's the difference between each of the photo and video sharing networks
    • Which networks are most powerful for marketing
    • How to get your entire team on board and working for you
    • A quick "How To" guide to getting started

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  • Social media for senior care professionals: Calculating return on investment

    Social media can be one of the most challenging platforms for retirement communities, senior care providers (and any brand really) to measure return on investment (ROI). But it's an area you can't afford to ignore. If you're investing time or money in social media, you'll want to know what value and gain it's providing your bottom line. 

    Agnes Stawicki of Comfort Life Media ( provides practical advice for developing a goal-based approach to measuring your social media marketing return on investment (ROI).

    What you'll learn

    • Measurement tools for tracking your social media efforts
    • How to set up goals
    • How are Canadian retiremetn communities and senior care providers using social media (case studies)
    • A goal-based approach to measuring ROI

    Click here to view and/or download the slides alone.


    Recommended Resources:


    Advertising for Retirement Homes & Senior Care: 

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