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We’ll use this space to highlight some of the things you need to know about your Our Kids membership, such as new profile updates. We’ll also use it to highlight items of more general interest, including what we and our members are involved in, projects we’re working on, developments in the marketplace, and ideas we think you’ll be interested in.

  • May 2020: Editor's Desk | Helping Canadians look beyond the headlines
    Much has changed in recent months, to be sure, but our objective—to provide assurance, insight, and options—hasn’t. Comfort Life members are using our platform as a means of connecting, offering online tours and virtual meetings, and of telling their story. This is indeed an opportunity, a pivotal moment from which Comfort Life and the retirement industry can grow...
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  • May 2020: Meet your prospects in a virtual world
    In this unscripted shift to an increasingly virtual world, Comfort Life offers tools to help you do what needs to be done. You can now add a banner saying Book a Virtual Tour to your profile, and welcome virtual meetings with prospects...
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  • April 2020: Communicating in this moment
    We’re using our platform and social media pages to steadfastly promote good things happening in communities like yours. We provide regularly updated pages on how retirement homes and home care make the best of social isolation and how communities protect seniors...
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  • March 2020: A New Approach
    During this rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and the elevated risk to older-adults, we want to extend our gratitude to you for all you're doing to keep Canadian seniors safe during this difficult time...
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